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At Ascot Diet Clinic we use homeopathic injections to increase metabolism and break down fat. This is combined with various medicines to assist you with your diet. Most of the products we use are natural and all the products are absolutely safe. Losing weight is possible and with a little help from Ascot Diet Clinic’s homeopathic injections, it’s in your reach to lose the desired weight and maintain your weight when you’ve completed the diet. Our pharmacist was very thorough in formulating the ultimate combination of natural stimulation to suit each individual and our Professional Nurses are the driving force to help keep you motivated with the diet plan, with regular recording and assistance for each individual.

The Ascot Diet has revolutionised the weight loss industry with our holistic and hands-on approach to weight loss. Much more than a diet, It’s a lifestyle change that we’ll help you in the same way we’ve helped thousands of people from around the world.

See Results up to 4kg in your first week
See results of 4kg loss in your first week, even without exercise. The quick weight loss will really motivate you forward.

Healthy & Natural
Along with a well-balanced eating plan, homeopathic injections speed up your metabolism and suppress appetite.

No Exercise Needed
Of course, exercise helps, but in our busy lives, it’s often difficult to maintain a regular program.

What is the Ascot Diet Plan

What is the Ascot Diet?
A lifestyle-altering and aligned diet plan that includes injections to speed up metabolism, appetite suppressants, and a well-balanced nutritional eating plan is the cornerstone of the Ascot Diet plan.

We use homeopathic injections to speed up your metabolism and thereby break down your own body fat to use as energy. We change our medicine throughout the diet as well as change different meal plans to obtain optimum metabolism and safe weight loss. This means that we work closely with you throughout the weight loss program.

Ascot Diet Plan


We know that our diet plan has a relatively high price. However, during a survey that was done in 2010 involving about 15 different diet plans, it was found that Ascot’s diet plan was cheaper than most of our competitors. There is always a price to pay for an excellent product that really works.

Download The Ascot Diet Clinic's Digital Plan

Ascot Diet Clinic Program

3 Month Meal Plan – That includes 6 Weekly Meal Plans

We now have some delicious meal plans that come with recipes that will help you not only to maintain your weight but also to invite your friends over for some delicious home cooking and even to share a glass of wine with your meal.

Ascot Diet Clinic Program

6 Month Meal Plan – That includes 12 Weekly Meal Plans

Losing weight is possible and with a little help from Ascot Diet Clinic health meal plan and homeopathic injection options, it’s in your reach to lose the desired weight and maintain your weight when you’ve completed the Ascot Diet Program.​

Ascot Diet Clinic Program

12 Month Meal Plan – That includes 24 Weekly Meal Plans

You don’t have to abandon your diet. You have lost all the weight you worked so hard for but now need to maintain your weight by still eating healthy. Having the same food over and over again can become a bit frustrating and boring at times.

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