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Paul Ascot Clinic Founder

About ASCOT Diet Clinics

The Founder - Paul Van Der Berg

Confronted with changes in retail Pharmacy, he developed his own slimming program, using injections together with different medicines and slimming techniques. Today the Ascot Diet Clinic program is well known, with clinics in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Ghana. They also have clients in Australia, England, Dubai, and Zimbabwe.

The Ascot Diet has revolutionised the weight loss industry with our holistic and hands-on approach to weight loss. Much more than a diet, It’s a lifestyle change that we’ll help you in the same way we’ve helped thousands of people from around the world.

See Results up to 4kg in your first week
See results of 4kg loss in your first week, even without exercise. The quick weight loss will really motivate you forward.

Healthy & Natural
Along with a well-balanced eating plan, homeopathic injections speed up your metabolism and suppress appetite.

No Exercise Needed
Of course, exercise helps, but in our busy lives, it’s often difficult to maintain a regular program.

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